The Federal Government accuses Somaliland of 'causing disruption' in the airspace.

RH: The Federal Government of Somalia's Civil Aviation Authority released a statement yesterday accusing the air authorities of Somaliland of disrupting flights through their airspace since February 11th.

The Authority described these actions as "criminal acts" against aviation laws, according to the statement. Somalia has threatened to take strong measures to ensure the security of flights if this disruption continues.

On the other hand, Somaliland stated that since February 12th, the Somaliland Civil Aviation and Airports Authority has taken steps to prevent violations they accused the Federal Government of Somalia of committing in Somaliland's airspace, which they claim is an attempt to politicize civil aviation and withdraw from agreements previously entered into by both sides.

Somaliland has accused the Somali Government of wanting to take a desperate measure, as the statement put it, intending to issue an order claiming that Somaliland's airports are closed.